Below is our range of products developed to deliver effective contamination control during lamb (sheep) processing. These items cover applicators, dispensers and sealing solutions. We offer two types of control methods; the first is for clipping around the weasand and the second is for plugging the anus.

These products are suited to the following species.

Bobby Calves

Weasand Clips

Lamb Clips Loose

Weasand/Oesophagus Clip

Lamb Clip Cartridge

Weasand/Oesophagus Clip

Metal Detectable Lamb Clip Loose Weasand/Oesophagus Clip

Metal Detectable Lamb Clip Cartridge
Weasand/Oesophagus Clip



Soluble Two Flange Plug

Two Flange Plug

Plug 42


Clip Dispensers

Manual Lamb Clip Dispenser

Touchless Lamb Clip Dispenser


Clip Rodders & Plug Pushers

Plug 42 Pusher

Two Flange Plug Pusher

Lamb Clip Rodder

Bladed Lamb Clip Rodder


Plug Inserter

F4 Two Flange Plug Inserter


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