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F4 Two Flange Plug Inserter


The Adept F4 Inserter enables rapid insertion of the Adept Two Flange Plug with greatly reduced operator effort. Together, they offer the ultimate ovine contamination control. Developed to maximise speed and consistency of plug insertion, resulting in reduced contamination levels, less operator fatigue and less wasted plugs.

  • Effective on a range of stock types

  • Simple loading of the Adept Two Flange Plugs (Plastic or Soluble)

  • Easy to clean using standard flushing stations

  • Attachment point provided for a balancer

  • Can be used in a variety of stock presentations / line layouts

Product Code



100 PSI (Filtered air)
1.5KG equipment balancer (Recommended)

Spare parts    

1503-820 - Maintenance Kit
1503-830 - O Ring Kit
1503-840 - Arm Kit


F4 Inserter product PDF

Instruction and Service Manual PDF

1503-840 Arm Kit Instructions PDF

1503-820 Maintenance Kit PDF

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