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Ingesta Contamination Control

Adept are the leaders in bovine ingesta contamination control systems and are recognised as the industry standard. Ingesta contamination during protein processing is a serious risk to food safety and a cause of lost product. Adept have developed a range of weasand clips and plugs for cattle to help prevent this contamination.

Throat Plugging

Throat Plugging

Where the beef processor is mandated to occlude the weasand prior to the animal being lifted, or where processors are looking to control cattle’s natural reaction to the stun; Adept throat plugs are a fast and effective form of ingesta control until the Adept weasand clip can be applied.


Adept Beef throat plugs are not designed to act as an alternative to sealing the weasand using an Adept Clip. Beef Throat Plugs are designed to add an additional ingesta contamination control measure while the carcass is being lifted from the cradle before the weasand clip is applied. 
Adept does not recommend using the Beef Throat Plug as an alternative to clip application.

Complete Solution - Throat Plugging

Beef Plug Pushers
Adept Plug Pushers

The flexible rod follows the natural curve of the neck as it is pushed down into the oesophagus.

Beef Throat Plugs
Beef Throat Plugs

Soluble or plastic, the plug is effective, quick and simple to insert for limited time ingesta hold.

Soluble Beef Throat Dispenser

Adept’s soluble Beef Throat Plug Dispenser protects the plugs from any risk of cross-contamination.


A check of insensitivity (demonstrating successful stunning or knocking) MUST be carried out PRIOR to the plug insertion process beginning. The operator must verify animal unconsciousness by touching the eye, an eyeball touch should demonstrate no eye movements with the eyes remaining open to a wide blank stare. The corneal reflex (touching of the eye) is a natural spontaneous blinking and nystagmus (vibrating eyelid) must all be ABSENT.

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