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Solutions for the Pet Food and Rendering Industries

Adept recognises the important part that both the rendering and pet food industries play in the wider animal processing environment.


When our products are used by processing plants to control contamination, they can have a direct impact on the quality of both rendering and pet food raw material if not recovered correctly.

We have worked closely with both pet food manufacturers and renderers to develop solutions to help solve the problems they face.

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Reducing plastic foreign body contamination in petfood

To help reduce the risk of plastic foreign bodies present in pet food we have developed a range of metal detectable weasand clips for both Beef and Lamb.

Adept metal detectable clips perform identically to our standard plastic clips with the added benefit of being detectable by all industry standard metal detection systems.

This clip technology allows pet food manufacturers to safely detect and remove any weasand clips from the raw material that is sourced from the processing plants.

Removing plastic contaminants from rendering 

To support the rendering industry, we have developed our ADSOL water soluble, food grade faecal plugs that help greatly reduce the amount of plastic contaminants that can make its way into rendering product streams.

Made of food grade materials, our ADSOL range of plugs are completely safe for the rendering industry and remove a large source of potential plastic contamination.

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