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Touchless Lamb Clip Dispenser


The Adept Touchless Lamb Clip Dispenser is the new standard in contamination-free clip dispensing. Developed to hold and dispense the Adept Lamb Cartridge Clip, the dispenser utilises the latest technology to deliver a clip with zero risk of cross-contamination due to it’s no contact design. This system helps ensure maximum operator speed and efficiency.

  • High speed and completely touch-less

  • Designed for maximum reliability and safety

  • Ultimate process efficiency

  • Dispensers are fast and easy to load

  • Reduce clip wastage

  • Multiple capacity options available

  • Small footprint and easily installed

Product Code

1020-850 - TLD Clip Dispenser Base
0739-930C - TLD Lamb Clip Carousel 

Clip Capacity



L: 256mm, W: 220mm, H: 925mm


Adept universal dispenser mounting bracket 


110-240 VAC, 24V Power Adapter (included)


90 PSI (recommended pressure)


Adept Touchless Clip Dispensers.PDF

Adept Quick User Guide PDF

Adept Touchless Dispenser - Service Manual

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