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Manual Lamb Clip Dispenser


The Adept Manual Lamb Clip Dispenser is designed to hold and dispense the Adept Lamb Cartridge Clip. The dispenser reduces the risk of contamination between clips and improves operator efficiency.

  • The Adept Lamb Clip is dispensed using foot pedal activation

  • Minimise cross-contamination of Adept Lamb Clips

  • Dispensers are fast and easy to both load and access clips

  • Reduce Adept Lamb Clip wastage

  • Multiple capacity options available

  • Small footprint and easily installed

  • Clip stack is simply and quickly rotated to load next line of clips

  • Clip loading stand available

Product Code

0739-810 - Carousel

0739-820 - Foot Operated Base

Clip Capacity



Base: L 350mm x W 350mm x H 1000mm
Carousel: L 165mm x W 165mm x H 1065mm


Stainless Steel foot operated base
Clip loading stand (Optional)

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