Lamb Clips Loose
Weasand/Oesophagus Clip


The Adept Lamb Clip is recognised to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution to control ingesta during ovine processing. This product is seen as the industry standard throughout the world.

  • Closes to form a secure seal around the weasand (oesophagus), preventing leakage
  • The weasand (oesophagus) is cleared of contents during application
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Proven to reduce contamination
  • FDA / EU food contact approved


Product Code 0285-001 (White), 002 (Blue), 004 (Black), 005 (Brown)
Quantity 6,000 clips / Carton (bulk packed)
Colour Availability White, Blue, Black, Brown
Material Plastic
Carton Dimensions L: 465mm, W:320mm, H:325mm
Weight: 11.8KG


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