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Soluble Hog Throat Plug


The Adept Water Soluble Hog Throat Plug is world leading innovation to seal the oesophagus to prevent ingesta contamination of hog heads during processing.

The plug, combined with the insertion tool and automated dispensing system, are the result of extensive research and development. The plug is inserted into the oesophagus through the mouth of the hanging animal post stunning and bleeding using the inserter tool. The plug seals the oesophagus, preventing ingesta material leaking into the mouth causing contamination.

The plug is manufactured from Adsol, Adepts proprietary food grade, water soluble material that retains its structural integrity long enough to be effective, before dissolving when exposed to heat and moisture.

  • Reduce head loss due to ingesta contamination.

  • The inserted plug forms a secure seal inside the oesophagus preventing ingesta leakage during processing.

  • No requirement to recover used plugs. 

  • Environmentally responsible solution.

  • Adsol is Adept's proprietary water-soluble. technology, formulated from food grade components.

  • Fast and easy to insert using the Insertion tool.

  • No impact on any follow-on processing steps.

Product Code



2500 Plugs per carton 


Water Soluble (Adsol)




L:250mm, W:250mm, H:210mm
Weight: 8.3KG


Plug PDF

Plug Inserter PDF

Information PDF

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