Soluble Beef Throat Plug Dispenser 2


The Adept Soluble Beef Plug Dispenser is designed to protect the plugs from any risk of cross-contamination. A simple push action releases a plug into the palm ready for use. The dispenser protects the soluble plugs from exposure to moisture before use and offers safe and easy plug availability.

  • Quick (no-look) plug ‘grab’ for the operator if the dispenser is mounted correctly
  • Robust, long-lasting and easily cleaned.
  • Rotate carousel around when line of plugs is empty, letting the next row drop into the exit chute
  • Easily and quickly loaded
  • Simple to install, utilising the universal Adept Pin mounting system


Product Code 1362-810
Quantity In singles
Dimensions L: 260mm, W:260mm, H: 793mm
Material Polycarb / Acetyl
Plug Capacity 330 Plugs
Mounting Adept universal mounting bracket (Included)

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