Touchless Beef Clip Dispenser


Adept Touchless Dispensers are the new standard in contamination free clip dispensing. Developed to hold and dispense the Adept Beef and Lamb Cartridge Clips, the dispenser utilises the latest technology to quickly deliver a clip with zero risk of cross-contamination due to its non-contact functionality. This system helps ensure maximum operator speed and efficiency.

  • Touch-free clip dispensing
  • High speed operation - ultimate process efficiency
  • Zero cross-contamination transfer between clips
  • Designed for maximum reliability and safety
  • Quick and easy to load
  • Reduce clip wastage
  • Available in 500 or 750 clip capacity configurations 
  • Small footprint and positioning flexibility


Product Code 1020-850 TLD – Clip Dispenser Base, 1020-910 TLD - Beef Clip Carousel (500), 1020-920 TLD - Beef Clip Carousel (750)
Clip Capacity 500 Clip or 750 Clip
Dimensions L: 256mm, W: 220mm,  H: 421mm (250 Clip), 673mm (500 Clip),  925mm (750 Clip)
Mounting Adept universal mounting bracket (included)
Electrical 110-240VAC, 24V Power adapter (included)
Compatible Clips

Beef Clip Cartridges (1305-002)
Lamb Clip Cartridges (0664-001)


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