Ovine Ingesta Contamination

Leaders in Ingesta Contamination Control Systems. Ingesta Contamination during protein processing is a common cause of wasted product. Adept have developed a range of Weasand Clips for Lambs to help contain this. While there are other methods available, the Adept Clip is proven to be the most reliable.

Oesaphagus Clipping

Early control of ingesta is critical and Adept’s weasand clips provide secure and reliable weasand sealing. Locating the weasand, separating it from the trachea with Adept’s purpose designed rodder (2), then applying the clip (1), hygienically stored and retrieved from the Adept clip dispenser (3) is recognised as best practice in modern animal processing.

The Adept System / Solution


1. Lamb Clips

The Adept Lamb Clip is seen as the industry standard for contamination control throughout the world.

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2. Lamb Rodder

The rodder is designed for optimum separation of connecting tissue without cutting.

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3. Lamb Clip Dispenser

The dispenser, manual or touchless, reduces the risk of contamination between clips and improves operator efficiency.

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