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Contamination Control Systems

All around the world, the meat processing industry turns to Adept Contamination Control for solutions it can trust.

Anthony Soons Manager Contamination Control Systems

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Contamination Control Manager

Adept Contamination Control is a division of Adept Limited. We specialise in systems that eliminate the pathological contamination of meat during animal processing.


Adept’s range of meat processing products are effective, easy to use and their application has become best practice in abattoirs both large and small around the world. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards in our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in New Zealand. We are a partner to the meat processing industry and are committed to supporting our customers through industry leading products and innovation. 

Lamb Porcine Soluble Two Flange Plug
Lamb Porcine Soluble Two Flange Plug

Product Range


See our offering in beef processing products, ranging from applicators, dispensers and sealing solutions.


See our offering in lamb (sheep) processing products, ranging from applicators, dispensers and sealing solutions.


See our offering in porcine (pig) processing products, ranging from applicator and sealing solutions.

Added Benefits

Lamb Porcine Soluble Two Flange Plug
Innovative Water Soluble Material

Adept has developed a water soluble material called ADSOL as an alternative to plastic.

Cat Nibble
Pet food & Rendering Industries

Adept recognises the important part that both the rendering and pet food industries play in the wider animal processing environment.

Trees From Above
Environmental Benefits

At Adept we are committed to developing and adopting alternatives to traditional thermoplastics.

Committed to Quality

At Adept, producing products of the highest quality possible is our primary objective.

Pet Food Industry Support

To help reduce the risk of plastic foreign bodies present in pet food we have developed a range of metal detectable weasand clips for both Beef and Lamb.

Our Clients and Global Reach

Over 150 million Adept Beef and Lamb clips are used every year and are regarded as the international standard for ingesta control in meat processing.

Distributor Support

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