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Beef Throat Plug Pusher - Water Flushing


The Adept Beef Plug Pusher Water-Flushing Rod is designed to make the insertion of an Adept plug quick and effective whilst at the same time delivering a flush (wash) of water to clean any ingesta out of the oesophagus (weasand) that may squeeze past the plug during insertion. The flush of water also cleans the mouth and nostrils as the rod is withdrawn. The specially shaped head allows the plug to sit firmly onto the rod, meaning the plug will be inserted squarely and evenly. The flexible rod follows the natural curve of the neck as it is pushed down into the oesophagus. Depth of the plug is operator and process variable, but Adept recommends the plug be pushed up to the base of the paunch.

  • Suitable for use on all types of cattle

  • Lightweight, simple and fast to use without any additional ergonomic requirements

  • Requires no infrastructure other than a standard water/ hose line

  • Delivers a cleaner head resulting in higher yield with less trimming and inspection

  • Ideal for Halal as the weasand is washed and clean meaning no risk of the knife cutting through contamination

  • Minimum water usage using standard water pressure

Product Code

1221-840 - Plastic Plug Pusher

1221-810 - Soluble Plug Pusher


Plastic - Food contact safe



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