Two Flange Plug


The Adept Two Flange Plug is the new standard in lamb, sheep and pig faecal contamination control. This plug is the outcome of extensive research and development, resulting in a uniquely effective patented design that delivers industry leading results.

  • The two-flange design offers a double barrier to prevent leakage. Any material that leaks past the first flange is captured in the cavity between the two flanges
  • Fast and easy to insert
  • Cost effective
  • Effective across varied stock types and conditions
  • No impact on any follow-on processing steps


Product Code 1324-003
Quantity 1,000 plugs / Carton (bulk packed)
Material Plastic
Colour White 
Carton Dimensions L: 475mm, W: 335mm, H: 375mm
Weight: 4KG


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