Beef Throat Plug - Small


Where processors require ingesta control / oesophagus occlusion prior to hoisting or being able to apply the Adept weasand clip, the Adept Beef Plug is an effective, quick, simple to insert (reusable) plug that delivers limited time ingesta hold.

  • Suitable for younger and smaller cattle (veal / yearlings)
  • Designed for minimal insertion resistance
  • Forms a tight seal in the weasand that blocks immediate release of ingesta
  • Packaged in stacks for ease of access for operator
  • Plugs can be used multiple times if recovered, washed and lack damage.


Product Code 0162-001
Quantity 1,000 / Carton
Material Plastic
Diameter 50mm
Carton Dimensions L 570mm, W 410mm, H 250mm, 6.5 KGs

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