About Adept

Adept Contamination Control Systems is a division of Adept Limited, which has been at the forefront of plastic processing technology in New Zealand for more than 40 years. We specialise in developing systems to eliminate the pathological contamination of meat during animal processing. Our products are effective, easy to use and of the highest quality. Adept is the first choice of abattoirs both large and small around the world when it comes to contamination control solutions.

The Adept Beef Clip was developed by Adepts owner Murray Fenton in 1978 and it along with the rest of Adepts contamination control product range are distributed to over 25 countries across the world. Over 150 million Adept Beef and Lamb clips are used every year and are regarded as the international standard for ingesta control in meat processing. We are extremely proud to be a supply partner to some of the largest meat processing companies throughout the world.

Adept continues to lead the market through continuous innovation and a thorough understanding of the industry’s processes and challenges. We have developed world first solutions such as an environmentally friendly water-soluble plugs and metal detectable weasand clips to meet the changing needs of the dynamic meat processing industry.