The F4 inserter is Adepts innovation in fast and effective insertion of our Two flange plug range. The F4 is quick to load and offers fast, accurate insertion with minimal operator effort.

We have now released a new and improved version of the F4. The latest version features an improved design to allow for easier loading of plugs and the ability to use the F4 where plugs are inserted from above.

We have increased the opening between the spreader arms to allow easier access when loading a plug. There is now a new shaped plug seat which grips the plugs preventing them from falling off even when the F4 is tilted vertically.

Spare parts available

To keep your F4 Inserter well maintained we have a range of spare parts kits available:

1503-820 – Maintenance Kit
This kit includes all parts that can wear on the gun and ensures optimal performance. The kit consists of 4 x Arms and wear pads, 1 x Actuator Rod, 4 x Spacer Bushes, 10 X O Rings.

1503-830 – O Ring Kit  A pack of 20 x O Rings.

1503-840 – Arm Kits  A set of 4 x Replacement arms (Excluding wear pads).

Click here to view product page with video demonstration.